Our belief lies in celebrating the unconventionality that every idea carries with itself and creating value for our clients. For us, mediocrity is like elaichi in biryani; annoying & repelling. So, we have developed our own way of getting around it.

Who is UCID

We are a happy bunch of tea-lovin', pasta-slurpin', creative souls of all shapes and sizes who are in love with what we do best. Creating ideas that grow brands.

Our journey, since our inception, has been 8 years of challenges and rising through the ranks. We have provided successful communication and branding solutions to more than 100 clients and engaged tens of thousands of customers with our brands.

We are ever-hungry, ever-restless and ever-unsatisfied. We constantly keep on challenging ourselves and those around us. Our craft is to do whatever it takes with whatever our clients have to turn their challenges into opportunities.

We are all about the ideas. The big ones, the smart ones, the ones that fit the bill and the ones that provoke and soar!

At UCID, we make awesomeness possible!


  • 8 Years of Experience


    Years of Experience

  • 100+ Clients



  • 3 Awards



  • 1000+ Successful Campaigns


    Successful Campaigns


Need to launch your Brand?
Want to create a bond with your audience?
Want to promote your product?

You have needs,
we have the solution!

We are an advertising & digital agency, a design house, a marketing consultancy and a visual merchandiser.

Choose us and you choose an array of creative pathbreaking solutions that have the potential to take your brand to the next level! Right from identifying the problem to devising creative solutions, we take care of various branding needs with utmost enthusiasm. We have this knack of getting our clients an unfair share of attention!

We are your partner in growth. Also, we are true to our values.

We won't suggest you a hoarding when you need a hashtag,
We won't suggest you a print ad when you need a web game
& We don't speak in jargons.

If you want to be heard, we will give you the loudest and the clearest voice in the market.

What They

Quirky, happy at heart, always up to celebrate ideas and brimming with branding & advertising solutions & innovation. Let's hear it from our clients what their experience has been, who are as much of an extended family connected by creativity. Nurtured with care. Read on to explore, what's the key and to know what they say about UCID

Brand Communications
IHCL (Taj)

UCID has been delivering quality creative work that works for the brand. The team is co-operative and responsive.

Dr. Diksha Batra
Painfree Dentist

As a doctor, timing and coordination for marketing needs is not exactly our forte and we were looking for a seasoned and yet an honest agency. After having tried multiple vendors I must say that our experience with UCID was unique and restored our faith in agencies once again. If you want your advertising and marketing done right they are a truly dedicated team who care for their clients. The agency has either met or exceeded all the goals that we had set to create a set image of our brand.

The top three reasons we will come back to UCID is Trust, Efficient Communication and superior design.

They surely stretched themselves and ensured they delivered as per our expectations on a very tight schedule. We would highly recommend their services.

Khushnum Ichhaporia
Head of marketing and customer service
Kotak Securities

A fun team. All heady with peppy ideas, crisp creatives & timely delivery - UCID surely knows how to have fun while they work. As their name says Unconventional- truly. A breath of freshness, away from the boxed approach, they are always my preferred team. Having worked with them for more than 7 years it’s always been a privilege. My go to agency. Keep up the good work.

Uday Sanganeria
AGM - Sales & Marketing
JSW Steel Limited

UCID has been our go-to market support system since 2011. From helping us out in day to day creatives to handling all our international distributor engagements to even giving us out of the box ideas for sharper presentations, they have always surprised us with new ideas.

The team is very strong and responsive and they understand what the client wants from them. Its a boon for us to have an agency like UCID supporting us. They are like an extended team of JSW Steel.

Atul Sharma
Manager - BPT & IT

Team UCID has always had our back. Innovation, ideas, planning- they have time & again come up with out-of-the-box concepts to popularize the use of technology & automation in the organisation. The kind of effort & innovation shown was exemplary along with the dedication to pull the work off.

Let's have
Chit Chai

Let's have Chit Chai