Conventional is
crafting communication
Unconventional is crafting
a foundation for communication

In the chaos of madness lies the brilliance of method

That's precisely what brand workshops achieve they artfully bring the science into the art, infusing method into the madness, and deftly marrying intuition and analysis, crafting a harmonious symphony that guides brands toward their fullest potential.

Why do you need it?

In a brand's life journey, it encounters numerous challenges – from maintaining cohesion, aligning all the stakeholders to defining clear communication goals for the organisation. At UCID, we get it! We're all about crafting that rock-solid foundation for communication, artfully mixing methods into the madness, so your brand can truly shine. Each of our modules, from Brand Essence to Brand Experience, focuses on shaping your brand's identity, unique position, personality, and expression.

Discover the perfect workshop, tailored to your needs, be it big or small. Whether you're a dynamic start-up poised to make a splash in the global market or a renowned legacy brand seeking revitalization, our expertise is at your service to assist you in every way possible.

How do we do it?

We partner you with tools and models that take trips of discovery down strategic rabbit holes. These lead to a-ha! moments that, in turn, we use to build a solid strategic framework based on market, industry and consumer insights.

Module I - Brand Essence

The Brand Essence module embodies the very core of your brand's identity, encompassing its:

  1. Purpose statement
  2. Brand vision
  3. Brand values

Module II - Brand Orbit

The Brand Orbit module revolves around establishing your brand's unique position in the minds of customers by

  1. Defining the target audience
  2. Analyzing competitive standing
  3. Understanding media consumption habits

Module III -
Brand Persona Artistry

The Brand Persona Artistry module focuses on artistically shaping your brand's human-like personality by

  1. Brand persona
  2. Brand voice
  3. Brand tagline

Module IV - Mission to Milestone workshop

This module empowers your business to accomplish its most ambitious objectives, both in terms of business growth and brand development. Through this workshop, we guide you in:

  1. Setting clear mission
  2. Defining milestones,
  3. Strategizing actionable steps to achieve them

Module V -
Brand Experience Workshop

Here we delve into the intricacies of aligning your brand's expressions with its deep-rooted ethos. This workshop focuses on:

  1. Optimizing the brand experience at every touchpoint
  2. Ensuring a consistent narrative that resonates with your target audience