The UCID Story

How it all began

Three friends – one from art, one from servicing, one from planning – walked into a coffee shop with a dream to take their passion for ideas out into the world. That idea hatched into a little independent creative shop running from the corner of a house. Propelled by unconventional thinking and a knack for crafting solutions, that little shop grew into the full-service, full-fledged UCID of today. Those ideals are now shared by a team of 70 UCIDians, that’s still growing (and outgrowing every office we keep moving to!)

Challenge accepted

We love a good challenge; anything that enables us to flex our problem-solving muscles! Operating with Rory Sutherland’s philosophy that irrational ideas can create solutions that work. Who knows, maybe the world could be a better place if more people started thinking with their gut-feeling, emotions and heart along with their head. We employ every side of thought – rational and irrational to arrive at customer-centric solutions and design.

We can do it differently

When you have a bottomless well of ideas, you always have them on tap. We have built a team filled with people who love thinking sideways, inside-out and upside-down. Sparkling with endless curiosity and a relentless hunger to learn, we blend research with intuition to keep that well forever full.

Every action brings a quicker reaction

We believe you are only as good as your last idea in this industry. As a true partner to our clients, we take pride in being responsive and effective with every next idea. Like a flowing river that bends with, and shapes its course, we are agile, quick to adapt and approach every day anew. We believe in enjoying what we do and doing what we enjoy.

What's next

The world! Literally. We are in the process of expanding operations globally, having already established an office in Atlanta, US. We are also exploring opportunities in Dubai, amongst other cities. We are dedicated to sustainable and socially impactful projects that benefit society and the environment, and have taken steps to extend our expertise in that direction. We have in place a specialised team focusing on UN ESG goals, enabling businesses to make substantial contributions to society, the environment, and governance.

The Story Continues!