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Brands, People & Bonds


Consumers don’t buy your products and services; they buy into who you are and what you stand for – your brand. But how do you go about building an iconic brand? One that resonates with people as soundly as names like NIKE, Apple, Cadbury’s, Amul?

In today’s marketing landscape of influencers, AI, podcasts, you have a gazillion ways to reach your consumer. But this landscape is ever-shifting, and more people than ever are trying to pull in the same customer, making brand building even more challenging.

And, yet, it all comes down to the basics. Successful brands are not built on luck and timing; they are built by design. They wrap a focused customer experience around a core of strategy, which is then used as a guide to align the entire organisation to a set of brand values.

This alignment of values is more vital than ever as today’s customers are looking behind the curtain to make sure you stand for what your advertising and marketing says you do.

at ucid, we partner you in decoding this culture code,
shaping brands with scientific data and strategic and lysis.

aligning with the desires of customers, without compromising on your business ambitions and responsibilities.

Our offerings include brand discovery, design, aligning brand experiences to your core ethos and, above all, a passion to form a true partnership.


What makes your customer tick? This is the question every brand-building mission must start with. It seems like a simple enough question, but it’s becoming more difficult to answer by the day!-

We human beings are complex creatures to begin with, and are motivated by a multifaceted – and often, contradictory – set of social, monetary, emotional, cultural and biological factors. Add to the mix the bombardment of information and media in today’s age, and that adds several magnitudes of motivations to navigate.

One-size-fits-all marketing simply does not work. So how do you find that balance between determining a large homogenous audience, and yet being more individual-focused? How do you stop your customer from flitting to a competitor’s brand?

here at ucid, we seek to answer these questions with a keen curiosity to decipher the human mind.

We tap into people’s changing needs – not just as consumers, but as human beings.

It begins with talking to your customer one-on-one to devise strategies that align the customer’s expectations with the brand experience. Strategies built on deep-understanding insights to go beyond selling, into the realm of conversing, delighting, empathising. All with a targeted individualistic approach that builds a rapport with different cohorts, through honest messaging that shows a keen understanding of what they want.

The ultimate aim is to truly know your customers, and turn them into fans and advocates.

& Bonds

You’ve got your brand, you’ve identified your people; now, the question is how do you create a bond between the two that goes beyond a mere purchase?

As mentioned earlier, the most successful brands do not have customers; they have fans. Creating a strong enough bond between your brand and your customer turns them into your most passionate champions. Word-of-mouth boosts traditional marketing by 15%, because people tend to trust people more than companies.
This bond cannot be built on the mere practical; it must be emotional. Dare we call it love? Yes, we do! So, how do you get them to declare this love for you? You have to be worthy.

This means truly knowing them, understanding and meeting their needs, listening to them and acknowledging their concerns. You must learn what truly matters to them, on a personal level (This is what I want and need), and on a global level (I want the world to be better in this particular way).

here at ucid, we get close to your consumer, using multiple
data points to discover what matters to your customers,

and how you can leverage this to create a bond, turning them into advocates that will shout your praises from the rooftops!

We will also partner you in driving this bond with your internal stakeholders, reinforcing your messaging, and showing your consumer you truly are who you say you are. After all, there can be no love without honesty. Everything you say you are must be backed up by what you do.

Being liked is one thing; being truly loved is another thing, altogether!